Wall Switch - with and without neutral wire

As I can see in the documentation you have differences between Wall Switches:
- most obvious is "neutral wire" - one has it another don't
- second is "ZigBee repeater function" - the one with neutral wire has that additional function so we can build a "mesh web"
but why there is a difference between power input?

- Power Input: 10A MAX,250V AC - for the version with a neutral wire
- Input voltage: 220V AC,50Hz - for the version without a neutral wire

250V and 220V?

In EU we have almost everywhere 230V 50Hz and I have tested the version without neutral wire -  it works fine. Does it mean that version with a neutral wire won't?
Penny_Penny 总版主 2018-11-30 11:57 沙发
You can use these two versions of the Wall Switch. but they are Chinese version and not certified in EU.
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